2018 Women's Summit

2018 Women’s Summit on Entrepreneurship @ Bucks County Community College

Perkasie Campus | October 26, 2018

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Schedule of Events

8-8:30 | Registration

8:30-9:15 | Keynote, Kristin Smedley   

Kristin Smedley is an award-winning non-profit leader, TEDx speaker, and author - ­ but she never planned on any of that. Kristin did plan to be a great third grade teacher, however her personal path to greatness took an unexpected turn when two of her three children were diagnosed as blind. She had to learn the tools of blindness and build a team of experts that would help her navigate this path that she had not been trained for. Kristin’s two blind sons are now thriving as gifted high school students, elected student council officials, baseball championship winners, International Braille competition finalists, and social butterflies.

In 2011 Kristin founded the Curing Retinal Blindness Foundation, the only patient organization in the world for her sons’ blindness, CRB1 LCA/RP.  Kristin has led the CRBF to raise over $1 Million, introduced the first ever legislation in the United States in Braille, and has moved rare eye diseases from rarely talked about to being discussed in key circles worldwide. 

In 2017 Kristin delivered a TEDx talk in New York City regarding how her blind sons completely changed her perception of blindness.  She speaks around the country about starting and running a successful organization, building a dynamic network, and raising resilient children. Recently, Kristin was one of only twelve people in the world to testify at the United States  FDA on behalf of the first ever gene therapy to treat blindness.  That gene therapy, LUXTURNA, became the first ever gene therapy for an inherited disease to be granted FDA approval. 

 In 2018 Kristin and three colleagues launched a women in business podcast on iTunes, 4 Chicks Chatting, and she will publish her first book, Thriving Blind: Stories of Success Without Sight. Kristin challenges people to SEE: Set Extraordinary Expectations in their lives. 

Kristin enjoys speaking about her journey and pointing out where she can find the fun in fundamentally challenging situations life delivers. Kristin’s mantra is: Life is funny… sort of!  When she isn’t out in the world changing people’s perception of blindness and rare disease, she can usually be found at her home in Bucks County with her three children playing Family Feud, jumping on the trampoline, or hosting a jam session with friends!

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Track 1  Smart Start

10:45-11:45am | Market in the year 2020 human connection, Christopher Bennett

There’s a huge shift in society when it comes to human connection. Getting the attention while growing personally and professionally is a challenge. But in today’s market, you can absolutely get ahead of the curve. Using various tools, proper mindset and connecting in “real life experiences” can make you go from 0-100. We live in the greatest era of all time, from technology to a handshake everyone is on equal grounds. You have to believe in YOU and utilize everything to make it happen. No one will do it for you, many will help but you have to put the focus and hard work in.

12-12:45pm | Lunch Panel – Women of Small Business Revolution

The dynamic women from four of the six businesses highlighted in Season Two of the Small Business Revolution, will share the impact to their businesses before and one year after the Deluxe Corporation gifted Bristol Borough $500,000 of marketing expertise, website development, social media training and on-site, building renovations.

1-2pm | Women Will Rule the World, Krista Harper, Esq. joined by Nicole Boytin, Penn Community Bank – business planning, legal, and banking start-up and scaling

From a seasoned business lawyer with over 25 years of experience in counseling business and real estate ventures of all sizes and stages of development, Krista will inform and educate participants interested in starting or scaling up their business about what it takes and ideas for next steps.  This presentation will include perceptions build on counseling hundreds of businesses over the years.  Practical and informative of the business planning, legal and banking issues in starting and scaling up. 

2:15-3:15 | The Power of the Tribe—From Zero to iTunes in 5 Weeks, Mary Fran Bontempo et al

Details and reflections on the journey of 4 strangers put together in a mastermind who saw their businesses grow exponentially and created a podcast and a company, going from nothing to iTunes in 5 weeks!  To the Top of the Pyramid—with 4 Chicks Chatting--The goal of the 4 Chicks is to lift and empower other women. This program details the growth possibilities available to women-run businesses when we lift one another to the top of the pyramid!  Engage, Excite, Empower, with 4 Chicks Chatting--The 4 Chicks are as different as can be, which is our strength and power! We share the journey of our founding (put together in a mastermind by a mutual friend), and how our differences have provided us with wisdom, strength, and growth! 

Track 2  Scale up

9:30-10:30am | Motivational - The Power of Positivity, Christin Myers

Are you benefiting from positivity or mired in negativity? The answer will make a big difference in your business. In this energizing program you will learn the case for positivity at work and at home, address real-world obstacles to positivity, and practice positivity-building strategies. Full of laughter and learning, this program provides participants with a clear understanding of the power of positivity and practical next steps to reap its benefits.

10:45-11:45am | Managing Within The Law:  Employment Law Considerations, Stephen Goldblum, Esquire

The presentation will educate business owners on key areas of employment law and "pitfalls" that can cause liability for business owners.  Topics include hiring and firing, employees vs. independent contractors and termination issues.

12-12:45pm | Lunch Panel – Women of Small Business Revolution

The dynamic women from four of the six businesses highlighted in Season Two of the Small Business Revolution, will share the impact to their businesses before and one year after the Deluxe Corporation gifted Bristol Borough $500,000 of marketing expertise, website development, social media training and on-site, building renovations.

1-2pm | Branding Through Visual Content - How to Stand Out Above the Crowd, Robyn Graham

Personal branding, especially when starting a business, can be overwhelming.  It is essential to take a step-by-step approach and focus on your values, your passions, and your avatar to develop your brand, while enhancing your branding content with compelling visual images.  Your brand must garner an emotional connection with your audience. This presentation will focus on establishing your brand and building an emotional connection with your ideal client, utilizing unique and amazing visual content for your website and your social media platforms. The program also demonstrates creative ways to use visual content, how to get noticed on social media, and how to improve SEO through visual branding. This interactive presentation engages the audience by exploring attendees’ use of branding while suggesting enhancements to that branding based on the principles discussed throughout the program to help the audience gain a complete understanding of designing a brand from start to finish.  

2:15-3:15 | Phones, Facebook and Apps: How to reach your prospects where they are, Jill Kahlenberg

Your competitors are reaching your prospects online and on their phones.  Don't be left out of the options to reach your potential customers where they are.  Whether your clients are other businesses or individual consumers, more than 80% of people research their purchases online or on their smartphones before making a purchase.  This session will cover new ways to reach your targets on their smartphones, in apps and online on their computers, including - Facebook ads - Geo-fencing - Retargeting - Lookalike audiences and more!